3 Causes of Breast Implant Displacement

499658905Breast implant displacement is one of the most common reasons women have breast implant revision surgery. Breast implant displacement is when the implants migrate to an unintended location, creating an unnatural breast appearance. Understanding the causes of implant displacement can help you minimize your risk of developing a displacement issue.

1. Implant Pocket Too Big

If your breast augmentation surgeon creates implant pockets that are too large for your implants, the implants may move within the pocket. To minimize your chances of implant displacement, take the time to find an experienced breast surgeon to perform your augmentation. If you do develop a displacement issue due to improper sizing of the implant pocket, your breast revision surgeon can resize the pocket to prevent the issue from recurring.

2. Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a complication that results from overly hardened scar tissue surrounding the breast implants. If left untreated, capsular contracture can cause the implant pocket to constrict, which may lead to lateral displacement of the implants. While there is no known way to fully prevent the issue, breast implant revision surgery can resolve capsular contracture by removing the scar tissue before replacing the breast implants.

3. Breast Implants Too Large

Breast implants that are too large for your frame are more likely to bottom out. Bottoming out occurs when the implants drop below their intended position, creating an unnatural look. To minimize your chances of developing this issue, work with a skilled breast augmentation surgeon to determine the best implant size for your anatomy.