4 Advantages of Gummy Bear Breast Implants

153770681Gummy bear breast implants offer breast augmentation candidates some unique advantages. Termed “gummy bear” implants because of their highly cohesive silicone gel that won’t leak if the outer shell is compromised, these implants are rapidly becoming the breast implant preference for a number of reasons.

1. Natural Feel

One of the most common concerns among women thinking of getting breast implants is whether their new breasts will feel real. The highly cohesive filling of gummy bear breast implants was created with the aim of mimicking the feel of natural breast tissue.

Gummy bear breast implants offer a more natural feel than most breast implants, which can be especially important for small-breasted women as well as women who need breast reconstruction.

2. Teardrop Shape

Form-stable implants come in a teardrop shape, with the majority of volume located at the bottom of the implant and a gently tapered slope toward the top. This shape resembles the natural fall of the breast, making these implants an attractive option for women looking for the most natural-looking breast augmentation results.

3. No Rippling

Rippling occurs when an implant folds or becomes distorted, and can lead to the appearance of wrinkles in the shape of the breast. Due to their semi-solid cohesive material, gummy bear implants have virtually no chance of rippling.

4. Decreased Risk of Capsular Contracture

Gummy bear implants are made with a textured surface. This allows scar tissue fibers to integrate with the implant surface, decreasing the risk of developing capsular contracture. This makes gummy bear implants a more popular choice than their smooth-surfaced counterparts among women concerned with developing overly hardened scar tissue.