4 Considerations before Removing Your Breast Implants

shutterstock_110297801While breast implants have helped countless women feel better about their figures, some may decide as they move into a new life stage that their breast implants no longer suit their needs. A procedure known as explantation, or removing your breast implants, can help women who wish to return to their previous figures. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before removing your breast implants entirely.

1. Implant Removal or Smaller Size?

Some women who initially consider removing their breast implants realize that they would benefit most from a smaller implant size rather than complete removal. If you got large implants at a younger age that now feel top-heavy, a smaller size can better suit your new lifestyle and appearance goals.

2. Switch Round Implants to Form Stable?

Women who got breast augmentation with round breast implants may feel that their results don’t appear as natural as they would like. Form stable implants are relatively new in the breast implant market and may offer more natural looking results due to their anatomical shape. Ask your breast surgeon about gummy bear implants and whether they could be right for you.

3. Should You Include a Lift?

Many women who have their breast implants removed get a breast lift to tighten loose skin. Because breast implants stretch out your breast skin and tissue, a lift can improve the droopy look that removing the implants may leave behind.

4. Is Your Surgeon a Breast Specialist?

Not all surgeons are experienced in explantation. Due to the particular concerns of women who would like to remove their breast implants, it’s important to seek a surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement to help you achieve the best results.