3 Causes of Breast Implant Displacement

Breast implant displacement is one of the most common reasons women have breast implant revision surgery. Breast implant displacement is when the implants migrate to an unintended location, creating an unnatural breast appearance. Understanding the causes of implant displacement can help you minimize your risk of developing a displacement issue. 1. Implant Pocket Too Big […]

Why More Older Women Are Considering Breast Augmentation

Many people have a misconception that breast augmentation is a procedure primarily for young women. In fact, the average age of breast augmentation patients is 34, but it’s not uncommon for women in their 50s and beyond to consider getting breast implants to fill out their figure. For many women, middle age and older can […]

What’s the Ideal Nipple Position?

According to recent research, the ideal breast shape has everything to do with nipple position. Here’s a breakdown of the ideal nipple position and how a breast lift can help. The Perfect Nipple As it turns out, people found breasts to be the most aesthetically pleasing when the nipple is slightly upturned. Iconic figures such […]

4 Considerations before Removing Your Breast Implants

While breast implants have helped countless women feel better about their figures, some may decide as they move into a new life stage that their breast implants no longer suit their needs. A procedure known as explantation, or removing your breast implants, can help women who wish to return to their previous figures. However, there […]

3 Ways to Help Your Breast Lift Last

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is an increasingly common procedure for women who would like to improve breast sagging. During a breast lift, your surgeon repositions the breasts higher on the torso, reshapes the breast tissue and tightens the surrounding skin. While there is no way to prevent your body from responding to […]

4 Advantages of Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Gummy bear breast implants offer breast augmentation candidates some unique advantages. Termed “gummy bear” implants because of their highly cohesive silicone gel that won’t leak if the outer shell is compromised, these implants are rapidly becoming the breast implant preference for a number of reasons. 1. Natural Feel One of the most common concerns among […]

3 Things to Look for in a Breast Implant Revision Surgeon

Breast implant revision can be one of the more complex plastic surgery procedures. This is because of the wide range of reasons that women may opt for breast implant revision, combined with the fact that your revision surgeon may not be the same surgeon who performed your initial augmentation. Because of this, your surgeon is […]

How to Restore Your Pre-Baby Breasts

Pregnancy is a transformative experience, mentally, emotionally and yes, physically. Your labor of love may have left your breasts with a little bit less of their previous perk, but thanks to advances in plastic surgery, you can restore the perky youthful appearance of your pre-pregnancy breasts. Breast Changes during Pregnancy Rapid changes in breast size […]

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