Breast Surgery Revision

While every breast enhancement procedure begins with a beautiful end result as the goal, sometimes changes can occur over time that require revision surgery. In some cases, these changes are part of the normal aging process or reflect a new personal preference, while in other instances, women may not feel as satisfied with their initial results as they’d hoped. Breast revision can improve the results of an earlier surgery, minimize the appearance of scarring or update your breast implants.

Breast Surgery Revision

With over 25 years in active practice as a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Halls is well-known throughout the San Diego area as a breast revision specialist and leader in breast surgery. Dr. Halls offers a full range of cosmetic and reconstructive breast enhancement procedures for women who want to enhance their breast appearance.

Please contact us online or call La Jolla Breast Institute today at (858) 458-0100 to schedule your breast surgery revision consultation.

Why Choose Dr. Halls

Dr. Halls specializes in breast enhancement surgery, including reconstructive procedures as well as cosmetic enhancements. After graduating Cum Laude from University of Western Ontario in Canada, Dr. Halls went on to complete seven additional years of training in plastic surgery residency and fellowships. His studies included two years at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and he is board certified in the United States as well as in Canada.

Currently, Dr. Halls is actively involved with a number of breast and plastic surgery societies, and has published a number of papers in respected medical journals and publications about breast throughout his career. He founded La Jolla Breast Institute to provide a place for women to receive the right combination of expert guidance and patient education needed to make the best decisions about their care.

About Breast Surgery Revision

There are many potential breast implant complications that could require breast augmentation revision, from correcting capsular contracture to simply wanting to update your look.

  • Aesthetics: Breasts are one of the defining characteristics of the female form, and issues like ripples or wrinkles on the implant surface can detract from the overall aesthetics of your breast augmentation. Dr. Halls can make the necessary adjustments to help your implants look and feel as natural as possible.
  • Asymmetrical Breast Revision: Age and the natural healing process can affect one breast differently than the other. Breast implant revision surgery can restore a more balanced look to your appearance.
  • Biopsy or Breast Surgery Defects: Irregular contours or indentations left behind after biopsy or breast surgery defects can be corrected and minimized through breast revision surgery.
  • Breast Reconstruction Revision: Skilled in the most advanced reconstructive techniques, Dr. Halls can enhance the results of a former breast or nipple reconstruction.
  • Breast Scar Revision: A scar that didn’t heal as anticipated or that feels too prominent can be improved through scar revision surgery.
  • Capsular Contracture Revision: The development of scar tissue is a normal part of the healing process, but sometimes scar tissue growth can be excessive. Breast surgery revision can correct capsular contracture, often in combination with breast implant replacement, for a soft, full look and feel again.
  • Implant Position: Ensuring a natural placement on the chest wall is essential for the best breast augmentation results, so even a slight alteration in implant position over time can affect your figure. Implants can shift toward the chest midline
  • synmastia/symmastia, migrate toward the underarms (lateral displacement), or “bottom out” by sitting lower on the chest than is ideal. Dr. Halls can repair the existing implant pocket to return implants to a more appropriate placement.
  • Implant Size: Regrets over size are one of the most common reasons that women pursue breast implant revision. Whether you want implants that are larger, smaller or prefer to remove them entirely, Dr. Halls can help you choose the new look that’s right for you.


Visiting our patient photo gallery to see real women before and after undergoing breast surgery revision can give you a better idea of what kind of results you can expect to see after your own procedure. You can also find answers to commonly asked questions about breast augmentation revision in our Breast Revision FAQs.

Breast Surgery Revision Pricing

The cost of breast revision surgery varies depending on the complexity of the procedure and a number of other considerations, including whether additional procedures are included at the same time. Dr. Halls’ surgical fees associated with revision surgery include Dr. Halls’ surgical fee, the cost for the surgical facility, possible implant costs, and anesthesiologist fees. After your consultation Dr. Halls’ staff will discuss surgical costs with you, including information about procedures that may be partially or fully covered by your health insurance plan, so you can make an informed decision before moving forward.

Recovery & Results

You should see an immediate improvement in the appearance of your breasts after revision surgery, although your final results will gradually become more noticeable as your healing progresses. Most women compare the healing process after revision procedures as similar to their experience following the initial surgery, but with less discomfort. Dr. Halls may ask you to wear a special supportive bra or elastic bandage to encourage optimum healing and help you feel more comfortable. He’ll also provide detailed post-operative care instructions and schedule a date for your first follow-up appointment.

Following your breast revision, your breasts should look more in line with your original expectations for breast augmentation or reconstruction Overall, you should feel more positive about your figure, and enjoy a look that better suits your personal goals as well as your lifestyle.