Breast Reconstruction Revision

For women who have had breast reconstruction in the past using older techniques, revision surgery can offer the benefits of innovative new reconstruction procedures. Additionally, as time passes, women with one natural breast may need to update their reconstructed breast so that they continue to appear symmetrical as they age. Breast reconstruction revision can be customized to address each woman’s individual needs.

Breast Reconstruction Revision

Dr. Michael Halls is an experienced breast revision specialist and board certified plastic surgeon serving women in the San Diego area and beyond. He offers a full range of breast revision procedures as well as the most recent techniques in reconstructive breast surgery for beautiful, natural-looking results.

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Why Choose Dr. Halls

Dr. Halls graduated Cum Laude from University of Western Ontario in Canada before completing seven additional years of training in plastic surgery residency and fellowships, including two years at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

As a board certified plastic surgeon in both the United States and Canada, Dr. Halls’ devotion to breast enhancement has led him to become actively involved with a number of breast and plastic surgery societies. In the past 30 years, he has published multiple papers in respected journals and texts. Locally, Dr. Halls is the co-founder and chairman Doctors Offering Charitable Services (DOCS) and served as former Chief of Surgery at Sharp Grossmont Hospital.

Dr. Halls founded La Jolla Breast Institute in order to create a relaxed, supportive environment where women could receive the customized attention, expert guidance and patient education required to make informed decisions about their needs. Dr. Halls’ patient-centered approach aims to ensure that every woman receives optimal results, while his extensive background and specialization in breast enhancement and revision elevates him to the top of his profession.

About Breast Reconstruction Revision

Dr. Halls takes a comprehensive and sensitive approach to breast reconstruction revision. Because breast reconstruction needs are so varied, there is no single approach that works best for all women.

There are a number of reasons that women may seek breast reconstruction revision. Some women are unhappy with large, conspicuous mastectomy scars and can benefit from breast scar revision, while others may have asymmetrical breasts due to a shift in implant placement or the aging of a natural breast that no longer matches a reconstructed breast. Women may also be unhappy with their overall reconstruction results, including nipple size or placement.

One common issue women face following breast reconstruction is noticing asymmetrical breasts. If the reconstructed breast does not match the shape or placement of the natural breast, a breast augmentation or breast reduction can even out the volume of the breasts. If an implant is already in place, a change in implant size or shape may be in order to make necessary adjustments that allow both breasts to become more even. Combining augmentation or reduction with a breast lift can also help adjust the placement of the breast as needed.

In addition to adjusting the shape and size of breasts, reconstruction revision surgery may involve hiding mastectomy scars in the crease under the breast with a SIDA procedure, reallocating tissue from other parts of the body to the breasts or adjusting previously performed nipple reconstruction. Dr. Halls uses a customized approach for each woman to determine a path for achieving the best possible results while meeting each patient’s goals.


Visiting our patient photo gallery to see real women before and after undergoing breast reconstruction revision surgery can give you a better idea of what kind of results you can expect to see after your own revision procedure. You can also find answers to commonly asked questions about breast reconstruction and revision procedures in our Breast Reconstruction FAQs and Breast Revision FAQs.


The cost of breast reconstruction revision surgery will vary depending on the approach Dr. Halls takes during surgery and which specific procedures are needed. Women are encouraged to consult with their health insurance provider, as some providers may cover some or all of the costs of breast reconstruction revision. The charges associated with your breast revision surgery will be inclusive of Dr. Halls’ surgical fee, the cost for the surgical facility, and anesthesiologist fees. After your consultation Dr. Halls’ staff will discuss surgical costs with you, including information about procedures that may be allowed by your insurance plan or are self-pay, so you can make an informed decision before moving forward.

Recovery & Results

Your exact recovery will depend largely on the approach that Dr. Halls takes during your surgery and the specific procedure(s) performed. You should be able to notice improvements in the way your breasts look and feel immediately, though the full results will initially be obscured by swelling. It’s common to experience some degree of soreness for the first few days following revision surgery, but you should be able to ease back into your normal schedule and activities over the next several weeks. Dr. Halls will provide you with detailed post-operative care instructions and schedule your first follow-up appointment.

Following your breast reconstruction revision surgery, your breasts should appear more natural and even, and the shape, texture and appearance of your breasts should show noticeable improvements. You may find that you can once again enjoy wearing certain clothes, swimwear or lingerie that you previously avoided. Additionally, many patients experience greater satisfaction with their breasts and higher self-esteem following revision of their breast reconstruction.