What’s the Ideal Nipple Position?

shutterstock_49573330According to recent research, the ideal breast shape has everything to do with nipple position. Here’s a breakdown of the ideal nipple position and how a breast lift can help.

The Perfect Nipple

As it turns out, people found breasts to be the most aesthetically pleasing when the nipple is slightly upturned. Iconic figures such as Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox and Kate Middleton all have breasts whose proportions suggest that the nipple points upward at a 20-degree angle. Finally, according to the study, the “perfect” breasts are slightly fuller on the bottom, with 55 percent of the breast volume below the nipple line and 45 percent above.

Why Shape Matters

When it comes to the ideal breast appearance, nipple location isn’t all that matters. Youthful looking breasts tend to be full and round, creating what the study referred to as a ‘beckoning’ look. Many women who lose breast volume or elasticity as a result of age, pregnancy and weight fluctuations can adopt a more droopy breast shape that not only lowers the position of the breasts, but may also affect nipple location.

How a Breast Lift Can Help

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, isn’t only about raising breast position. During a breast lift, the surgeon reshapes the breasts to make them appear fuller, rounder and more youthful. A breast lift also repositions to the nipples and resizes the areolas. The result is an overall perkier breast appearance that just might resemble the scientific ideal. Most importantly, however, a breast lift can help you love your natural curves and feel sexy in your own skin.